S3 Pioneer Program | updates

For our second behind-the-scenes update on the new S3 app, we are so excited to share the vision we have been working on for our history page and in-app dashboard these past few months.

Now with improved functionality, you’ll find the same features as before including a visual history of your recent sleep, calm, and mood bubble journaling, as well as your total number of journaling history.

You can access your history page anytime by navigating to the small journal icon along the bottom of your screen (circled above in white).

In the sofi in-app dashboard, you’ll find an updated widget for your sofi score (simply click the “i” in the top right for more information on how we calculate your sofi score). By journaling everyday at roughly the same time and place, your sofi score will begin to rise, as will the speed and confidence in sofi’s observations on effect…

Also coming soon (shortly after the release of the new app), are sofi “streaks.” Streaks help us to track consistency with journaling and spraying and allow Pioneers to collect more sofi seeds. And the maths is simple: the higher the streak, the greater your sofi seeds reward will be!

Last but not least, by scrolling all the way to the bottom of your dashboard page, you’ll find the analysis from sofi on the level of impact that we have been able to evidence based on your response to the plants.

Here, sofi not only accounts for whether your sleep quality goes up when you spray, but also analyses whether your sleep quality goes down when you end a program. So long as journaling remains consistent, sofi may even realise an effect of the plants, precisely due to a day or two that you didn’t take a spray.

All these factors contribute to sofi’s certainty, i.e. her confidence that what she has discovered is scientifically meaningful or “statistically significant”. Hence journaling consistently - with or without the plant pods - is essential in understanding the complete picture of your journey. Statistical significance is hugely important, as it’s the claim that a result from data generated via experimentation or testing is likely to result from a specific cause - in this case, whichever plant pods you may be actively spraying at that time.

If you find sofi hasn’t calculated an effect for you, yet, don’t give up or take it as a bad sign! As we are each entirely unique in our response to plants, it’s important that sofi takes her time to ensure accurate results. So, she’ll only display results once she has enough data to make a calculation with over 90% statistical certainty. :pray: :sofi_moon: