What qualifies S1,S2,S3

What qualifies you for s1 ,s2,s3 I guess I’m going strait into s2 what are the differences?


Hi @caseyswapp27,

So our S1, S2, and S3 Programs are chronologically-named meaning that they are respectively our first three Programs to launch.

Having just completed our S2 Program at the end of last year, we’re now gearing up to the launch of the S3! This is an exciting one, because not only do all pioneers receive our latest build of sofi stick (with rechargeable USB-C batteries), but we’re also re-designing and structuring the layout of our sofi app.

The S3 is being activated with three new flavours of Ashwagandha, in a first wave of our most active Pioneers. This is why journaling daily is such an essential routine to get into - as without understanding your mood and sleep before taking the plants, it’s impossible to for sofi to analyse cause-and-effect and provide you with the results, once you begin.

Following our S3, we may decide to lose the Program naming system entirely as Programs will be taking place much more often (our goal is roughly every two months), and the plants you receive to trial next, may differ from other Pioneers. Instead, sofi will take into account your previous experiences, any new plants in the pipeline, and what you have/have not already tried, to determine the next best plant.

I hope that helps to explain a bit about where we are with programs, and how participants are determined. So long as you wish to remain active and journaling as a Pioneer, you’ll automatically be signed up to trial our next and newest plants (as well as receive refills of your favourites in between).

If there’s anything else, just ask! :blush: :sofi_moon:



How can we found out if out pioneer pack has left yet to start heading out way? Will it notify us that it’s on its way, or just that ours is reserved. May I ask the time range we can expect to know it should be arriving?


Those are great questions for @alexwalkerjones to answer. In the meantime, have a great evening and sleep well @gabriel.delarosa406.
By the way, for any swift response pls tag it within the message to @alexwalkerjones. :pray::blush:


Hi @gabriel.delarosa406, thanks for posting.

We ship our Pioneer Packs at the launch of each Program (with our next Program, the S3, launching at the beginning of next month to all active Pioneers).

In can confirm that your Pioneer Pack has been reserved, so the only thing left to do is keep up the excellent journaling work and wait. We’ll send out another email to let you know that your formulations are on the way, and typically share photos, and behind the scenes of the packing and shipping process in the lead-up to our Program launch too.

I hope that’s helpful and should you have any other questions please just ask!



Thank you very much for the rapid response and I will do so with the journaling. Glad to be a part of the program.


We’re thrilled to have you here! @gabriel.delarosa406