Sofi stick delivery time

How do I get my Sofi stick? I’ve uploaded my pebble photo before Christmas.


Hi @vfes123! Welcome to the sofi community. I tag @alexwalkerjones in this; she can answer your question. In the meantime, Happy 2023, it is so good that you join the community. See you around :smiling_face:


Hi @vfes123 - welcome to the treehouse and our community of pioneers!

I can confirm that your Pioneer Pack is officially reserved, so there’s nothing on your part to do except wait and keep up the excellent work journaling.

Currently, you are on track to participate in the 2nd wave of our S3 Pioneer Program with Ashwagandha, but of course, should anything change we will do everything we can to move the timeline for you and other Pioneers in your wave forward!

For more details on why our timelines to launch as are long as there are make sure to check out our community thread here: S3 Pioneer Program | updates

Of course, once your Pioneer Pack is reserved, you get the chance to remain onboard with us for all subsequent Programs so long as you remain active during the trial period. And following the S3, we aim to completely eliminate the window of time between plants, allowing Pioneers to move from one trial to another straight away.

I hope that helps to explain somewhat and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message anytime!


You may have to wait until the next wave is delivered, which i think is soon, its ashwagandha and thats wave 3, but they will have popped you down as a new pioneer and it’ll be reserved for when they start shipping wave 3 out, they won’t leave anyone behind. I hope this helps. Rosie