Anyone still waiting for their sprays?

Hi all, is anyone else still waiting to receive their box of sprays? I’ve been signed up since November 2021 and haven’t received anything more than a pebble months ago? No idea why not :woman_shrugging:t3:


Hi @rhiannonchaffer, thanks so much for letting us know - I have made note. We are currently conducting a Pioneer-wide audit as we are aware a handful of Pioneers are yet to recieve their Pioneer Packs.

You can find out more in the thread just here: S2 Pioneer Pack Audit - Have you received yours yet?

Thankfully, once our audit is complete, we can turn our attention towards getting the remaining stock out of the lab and into Pioneer hands. We won’t forget about you! :pray: :sparkles:

Thank you so much for hanging in there with us in the meantime x


No, thank YOU for wasting so much of my time over the past 10 months. I’ve really enjoyed filling in pointless surveys that tell you absolutely nothing about my sleep in any accurate or realistic way. I do love it when style overrides substance

Hi @rhiannonchaffer,

I am so sorry you feel that your time has been wasted. Your Pioneer Pack went out as of yesterday and is now in the post. I will DM you your tracking number in case that helps put your mind as ease at all!

As a startup with limited means, we really do everything we can to fast-track what is a very long (and resource intensive) process in order to get our formulations into Pioneer Hands ASAP. Unfortunately, we had unforeseen delays during this Program - with the silver lining that these situations allow us to improve our systems and prevent them from occurring again.