Short but better sleep and rested

Well day three of spraying. And I feel much more rested . I still been awake most of the night but the sleep I had must have relaxed me more. :smiley::smiley: Feeling positive this morning instead of tired . :grin::grin:

Just after dinner when I spray I can feel my body relaxing and start to feel tired.
But when I spray before bed I don’t seem to feel a change, maybe with the first few puffs I have reached my maximum relaxation and can’t relax more than that :person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming:


@sonja.ekkers.77 everyone’s response will be a little different but typically the plant takes some time to start working it’s magic and you are effectively loading up to a recommended daily dose over the evening and night - so 6 sprays per day at 140 mcl of our formulation … now again responses will be unique but typically takes days … adding @pamelaspence here as well to hear her views when working with valerian and patients as a medical herbalist. :pray:


Hello @sonja.ekkers.77 ,

Glad you are feeling some positive effect. We are all so different that it is hard to know what to expect beyond some broad general ‘normal’ responses.

Sometimes in clinic I see the response you are describing. The good thing is that you ARE feeling more relaxed. In turn this can allow better sleep - even if you don’t feel more tired when you take the second dose.

This is particularly true if stress is part of your insomnia pattern. So less stress earlier on allows better sleep later.

Valerian can have an immediate calming effect, but it also has a longer term effect on stress and sleep generally which builds over time. I’m really interested to see how your data changes over the next 10-14 days as the longer term effects start showing.

Hope that’s helpful? May be offline for a bit if you have more questions - plane about to take off! Will check in later today.



Thanks for the info. Was just wondering while walking dogs in the rain. :sweat: As every one is different do the dose per person have to adjust? I’m more of a plus size do I maybe need more ? Looking forward to hear from you when you have landed! Hope it’s somewhere nice and warm not cold wet England :joy::joy:

By the way not my yard in the background it’s the neighbors


I agree the first sprays after dinner really chilled me out and I would’ve went to sleep with just the one dose too. It is definitely working for me and even it I couldn’t sleep with it I would probably take it to relax and chill. :grin:


Unfortunately it was only Bristol! I am teaching 2nd and 3rd year students at herb school this weekend.

With herbs it does not necessarily always follow that more is better. It’s actually more often that consisitency is better. Sometimes we do increase the dose but often it’s time that is key.

See how you get on in the next week or so. :blush::herb:


I can’t tell you how exciting it is to read this @dannytobin68 … honestly this is the most amazing validation to see all this coming together and starting to uncover the power on plants to affect how we feel … I think we are at beginning of something really awesome and so pleased you are here @dannytobin68 :pray:


It took me a while to go to sleep last night. And I didn’t get the relaxation feeling I had the last few nights. And I did wake up during the night but it was different. I got once to the loo. But the few other times I didn’t reach full consciousness. My brain has literally shut off during the night :hugs::hugs: not once I started to think about what ever. Great feeling :relaxed::relaxed:


Great to have your feedback! The journey will be different for everyone and it’s so good to record how it goes. Great that your brain is starting to give you peace :blush::herb: