Relaxed and ready for last

This is the 3rd night of using formula S1, was sceptical before hand, the first night i slept more than i have in a while but still woke up middle of the night for the toilet. Last night i sprayed then half hour later i was sleepy and looking forward to bed, i fell asleep instantly. I slept for 7 hours…not done a solid 7 hours in ages. I feel so chilled out and mellow after the second bout of sprays, my cats love the scent too! They hang around after a sniff of it too lol. Whatever it is in the formula youve nailed it, thank you…i no longer dread being laid in bed frustrated at being so tired but not being able to go over. :raised_hands:


Ah @markwhittles I’m SO glad and you just made a herbalist very happy! Thanks so much for your feedback.


That’s really awesome! Glad it’s working for you.


This is awesome initial response @markwhittles … let’s see how it evolves and continues as you and valerian begin to connect further! Will be following your progress! :pray:


Yay :partying_face::raised_hands:…so pleased to read positive feed back.Glad its working for you and your cats like the smell :heart_eyes_cat: …lol
Im having a few issues with the taste and smell tbh but I can get over that if it works.
Night 2 tonight so hopefully I will get the same results…im on no 2 x


Fingers xed @kat … if you struggle with the taste for another couple of days would be time to switch to another flavour. :pray: