Pioneer pack where is it?

Honestly I’m getting bored with doing the same journaling every day for the last 2 months with receiving nothing but a pebble & to get an email yesterday with an offer for a subscription when I haven’t even tried them yet! Really !! :unamused:


Hi, this is simply a result of the timing between your joining as a pioneer and the stage that sofi is now at, i.e. about ready to launch their product for sale.

Sofi have been trialling their products in sequence (so far with 3 herbs known to help most people with sleep and/or anxiety) for free for at least 20 months, plus they have put in years of research with no financial return to get to the current stage. Early pioneers had to wait for up to 8 months of journalling to trial the free sprays. Most of us found it worth the wait, and journalling our sleep and mood was in itself a useful exercise for many of us.

The process of extracting and processing the herbs, and the improvements to the delivery pods and App, started to speed up this year but recently sofi has also been flooded with a huge number of new pioneers at a time when they need to start selling to the wider public.

You received an email about subscriptions just because all registered pioneers have been (or are being) sent the same email.

You will still be able to try the product at no cost to you, but there will be a wait until December.

If you read the topic pinned to the top of the Treehouse you will find the information (link here):