Social anxiety is why I'm using sofi

I deal with social anxiety. I have attacks of panic in any situation that requires me to be in a place where there are loads of people. Unfamiliar settings etc.

I tried therapy. While therapy maybe helped in some aspects it wasn’t for me in the end. This is why I came to sofi after googling for weeks.

I have taken ashwangha in tablet form before and it really did helped at times. But the problem was trying to take the dose at the right time to cope with my anxiety.

Yesterday I went to see mother in law in hospital. I hate hospitals and do get anxious going there. I took 2 sprays of sofi ashwangha 30mins before going and I was totally fine, no anxious feeling at all.

Today I went to my brother’s wedding. I started today of by having 1 spray of sofi spray at 10am, then 1pm (1 spray) then just before the wedding at 4pm where I had 2 sprays. By 6.30pm I started having a panic, I had to have photos done with the bride and groom andy other brothers and sisters and family members, anxious feeling just came over me. I manage to take 2 sprays again and within 15 minutes I was relaxed and enjoying once again.

It’s properly placebo maybe. But I do know by my experience that ashwangha as helped in the past. Fingers crossed and hope the spray can help me in the future. I hope it helps all of you guys for whatever the reason you are taking it for to improve your life

Good luck guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is really amazing @steven25 and our hope and systems are all tuned to begin to decipher the underlying and beautiful relationship that we can have with our flowering friends and just how powerful yet gently they can nudge us to feel better. So incredibly delighted to have you on this journey and so amazing for us - the whole team and community here to read these personal moments of real life feedback. :pray:

About to post a story about this amazing plant - it’s a first draft and thx to our amazing @MJB and @pamelaspence for their incredible writing and contribution to it … Let me share it with you first here … sofi story 04 | on ashwagandha … hope you have a restful and restorative night!