Sofi app not working

Hiya is anyone else having issues opening the sofi app? Ive been unable to open it since this afternoon its just says sofi app not responding and takes me back to my phones home screen, it sofi isshowing as connected to my phone via bluetooth but i dont knoe of this evenings sprays have been recorded? I wondered if it was a problem my end like shoud i delete and then reinstal the sofi app or is this a minor issue that people are aware of and which will hopfully sorted soon you advice would be much aprecisted thankyou for reading and heres hoping evertone gets a good nights sleep tonight xxxx


hi @Hayleycakes - you’re not alone!

We had an app update pushed out which seemed to be a little too much for our app but @filipe managed to reinstated the previous app asap, so you should be up and running again now, no reinstallation necessary :slight_smile: