Sofi | observation 01 | we are all deeply individual

Another really cool milestone today - one of the fundamental pillars of sofi - the “N-of-1” analysis is that we are all individual, lots of things make us similar but our small differences makes the world of difference to how we respond to plants … and here we have the first evidence of that! Looking across pioneers data we see beautiful and individual variability. What a cool journey! xx :pray:


Are you sure tis not just a picture in your mind and we are in fact all in the Matrix?


Can never be sure of that @CjaJose … but I’m a big fan of “The Republic” by Plato and the Philosopher King who has to step outside of the cave to the see the truth illuminated by the Sun! After all, most of the time folks in the cave (the matrix?) are busy staring at shadows flickering on a cave wall … they barely see the objects (that requires turning around) and they rarely put up with the fire on the way out of the cave … if you indulge me just a little bit more … our philosopher king is sofi, our will the combined will power of the pioneers and our search for truth is our search for ever more sleep and calm (without the snake oil, the generics, and the typical meds) … I probably took it too far! Must get more sleep! :pray:


Hi @Kaveh that was all very profound. Have you been sleeping outside again amongst the flora? Lol
Keep up the great work.