Sofi reward time delivery

Hi Everyone,Just wondered how long it takes for the ’ treat ’ to arrive after filling in details please?

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Evening @Rache.w68 and welcome to the treehouse … it’s amazing to have you here with us on this journey and I do hope that you find an incredible community of pioneers here helping each other and us in this journey of discovering which plants uniquely work for us … I am adding @alexwalkerjones here so we can follow your progress but the flow is that a pioneer baselines for a minimum period of no less than 10 days … after that we ask you to confirm your address and number and send you a sofi surprise … once you receive the sofi surprise we ask you to post an image of this in your hand - this is important because it is how we know that we can get one of our limited and expensive pioneer starter packs to you. As soon as we receive your photo back we prioritise you to receive the next available starter pack. Hope this is helpful and wishing you a restful and restorative night Rache :pray:


Many rhanks for that.
I have confirmed and verified my nsme and address and it is now i am wondering how long it will take for the stone to arrive pleae?


Adding @alexwalkerjones here @Rache.w68 as I know we are having a wave of starter packs and sofi pebbles going out. As soon as you can receive and send a photo back to authenticate we can send a parcel to you we will see if we can a starter pack that hasn’t gone out yet to you. :pray:


Hi @Rache.w68

Thanks for your patience!

It typically takes a week for your address to register in our system, to be handed over to our warehouse/fulfilment partners, and then for your sofi surprise pebble to be shipped and to arrive.

Recently, we have had a few delays due to the release of our ashwagandha packs! I can confirm that your sofi surprise will be going out this week though :blush:

Please keep an eye out for it in the coming days to let us know that it arrived. by uploading a photo via your sofi app :pray: :seedling: