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Hi Kerry, I started a thread around lunchtime.
Hopefully there will be some interest and we might learn some coping tips, although I wouldn’t wish chronic pain on anyone!
Sue x


Ok thankyou, im going to check it out now x


Hello @drmudlark
Interesting posts coming from you.
I am not a medical doctor - just reading and studying and experimenting with a lot of ‘remedies’ and talking to a good number of interesting individuals who have been on such exploratory journey for many years as well.
The overwhelming majority of my contacts (and yours truly included) have seen and evidenced vast improvements of inflammation, brain fog, etc by dramatically reducing SUGAR. Not just a symbolic reduction of sugar - a DRAMATIC reduction, i.e. have almost none. No sweets, no carbs, none of the sugary fruits… (and watch our for the hidden sugar…so no bread etc)
Doing this for even a relatively short period of 2 weeks is NOT easy and anyone should best discuss this with a health practitioner / doctor and anyone going this route should also make sure to have a proper meal plan in place to ensure adequate nourishment and adequate supply of proteins, minerals, vitamins etc.

IMPORTANTLY: This is not a recommendation to permanently adopt a non-sugar diet (it is indeed not a recommendation at all - but merely an observation).

PPS: If this is of interest, have a look at this short video: What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar for TWO Weeks - YouTube


It’s so lovely to hear from you and apologies for being so slow to respond here … pain was actually where I originally began my journey … actually a response to the mess is OxyCodone in the states. There are a number of plants that have bend used in the pants to alleviate pain and I think we should look into this as our pioneer programs grow. We know a lot of the tools available right now can be powerful for acute use but the moment you go and apply then to chronic conditions folks begin to stumble in really unwanted places and in the case of O a total travesty, particularly in the States. We will definitely keep an eye to this … @pamelaspence are there any specific plants you have seen a great response to in clinic on your side. I am mindful you may have limitations as what you can discuss but if you can share … California Poppy from the top of my mind? :pray:


Hello all,

Apologies for the delay in replying - the plants are keeping me busy at the moment!

So many people show up at clinic asking for help with pain. In truth, pharmaceutical medicine will alwqys be stronger for pain relief, particularly in acute situations. But herbs do have a lot to offer too. In practice, I have learned to approach the pain from several different points to get a positive response. We can use herbs that reduce inflammation, we can improve circulation (which often helps joint pain), we can improve lymph flow, we can support the liver to be able to tolerate pharmaceutical pain killers, we can support the nervous system. We can also change diet and work with colleagues who use acupuncture, massage and manipulation.

That’s before we’ve got to the pain-killing herbs.

Straight swaps are not usually possible in herbal medicine. I wish I had a pound for every time someone asked me for the herbal equivalent of paracetamol… Unfortunately there isn’t one. And medical herbalists rarely, if ever, use single medicines for this reason - by working with all the factors that are at play, we can get good results with less hard-hitting medicines.

Ine size definitely does not fit all. Some kinds of pain will respond to turneric, ginger, moving up to Devil’s Claw and bogbean. Further to Anemone, Piscidia, horse chestnut, white willow and on to our strongest herbs which are poisonous and so kept under lock and key.

Pain is complicated and each pain is different - hot, burning, aching, sharp, dull, tearing etc. So we spend a long time trying to figure out where the pain is located (Joint? Muscle? Tendon?) and match an appropriate herb to that pain position and quality.

I hope that is helpful - sorry it’s not just a simple list of herbs!



I too have chronic pain syndrome, the new term for fibromyalga, i have back problems, had 4 ops on my back, including a spinal fusion, im on so many meds for a few different problems, i dont like to take so many, but right now i don’t have much choice, but ive been reasing about duffernet plants helping with pain, but as @pamelaspence has already mentioned, many plants work in different ways, and eveeyones reaction will be different, depending on rhe type of pain and where it is, i guess until we have a magic ball we all have to struggle through. @kerry i hope you’re feeling better


aww thankyou @MissTQ! atm im in severe pain, im an ex addict and was on methadone for 22years since the age of 17! when i moved back to Bournemouth a couple of months ago the drug services up there refused to seamlessly pass over control of my recovery and therefore i was cut straight off 100mls a day! so since march i have been going through serious withdrawals from it and now ive had to flee a bad relationship and am going through getting a conviction for sexual assault against the person who came to ‘help’ me by driving to get me from Bournemouth! so since they picked me up just over a week ago then assaulted me i have been back in my home town staying with a friend. my arthritis is bad, the sciatica and herniated disk in my back is super painful and now my shoulder from where i slammed into the concrete onto it when i was punched by some random man a few years back in absolutely excruciating and the pain goes down my arm like in the bones right to my fingertips and I have painful pins and needles and numbness in my hand and fingertips! nothing helps and i think the arthritis has moved to my ankles and hips too! i I have type 2 diabetes so im worried about mu feet too but I get them checked regularly and also from severe scarring on my lower legs i get burning pain and pins and needles and also swelling in them too lol! nothing helps at all where medication is concerned and its so hard to deal with! sorry for the long winded reply xx


@Kaveh @alexwalkerjones is there a way that us pioneers can message each other privately? Just wondered, so that if we wanted to discuss something personal with another pioneer, then its not viewed by everyone

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I think so - i haven’t done but if you click on their avatar you will see a blue strip that says message

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Hi @MissTQ - there is indeed, as @drmudlark mentioned, if you tap on someone’s profile you should see a banner that reads “message.” This is a private message between you and whoever is included in the message (you can add others by clicking the “+” (very similar to email).

Let me know if you get stuck, or feel free to use me as a test send :slightly_smiling_face: x