Sofi stories | on ashwagandha

Recently I asked the amazing ethnobotanist on our team - Prof Michael Balick @MJB to write a short story about this amazing plant we are activating with the current (S3) Pioneer Program. I also asked our lovely medical herbalist Pamela to add a few comments (and thank you @pamelaspence) …

Mike has been an amazing inspiration to me in his experiences and travels of studying the role of people, plants and culture - and the history of the practice of natural medicine that has been coded in cultures from around the world - and still practiced by many indigenous and traditional societies (I love particularly an article he wrote about the lunar cycle and the impact it had on the time of harvest and potency of a plant … a small nod perhaps to our sofi moon)!

I got his draft of this story a little while ago and love to know what you think of this initial draft. Hope you like it!

Wishing all a restful and restorative weekend.



That’s brilliant @Kaveh , i love it. :heart_eyes: Thank you so much for posting that.

Amazing video, very informative and what an amazing plant this is, showing promise to help with so many ailments like pain, inflammation, arthritis, and more, as well as anxiety and restorative sleep.

I was fascinated to watch that it was found in Tutankhamen’s tomb as something valuable to go with him to his next life!

I have no doubt that i will watch the video many times over. I wonder if it can be pinned near the top? At least while we are trialling its effects perhaps?

Thanks. I could watch it again now but i will just wake up when i should be aiming for those :zzz:
Sleep well


What a great listen……so informative and so many benefits from Ashwagandha.
I’m so glad I am involved with the trial as although I still consider myself youngish (60 going on 30!!) it’s great to know that there are so many benefits for the elderly. Thanks for sharing @Kaveh.


what an amazing story and sounds like such an amazing plant! i hope it starts helping me soon!