Sofi x Three Spirit Giveaway! 🎉

:herb::sparkles: Win a Botanical Bliss Bundle! :sparkles::herb:

We’ve got something exciting for you this holiday season, treehouse!:star2: We’re teaming up with Three Spirit Drinks for an exclusive giveaway that’s all about celebrating the power of plants and natural wellness…

sofi’s expertise in crafting natural formulations for improved sleep and calm meets Three Spirit’s mastery in creating plant-based, non-alcoholic elixirs.

Here’s what 3 lucky entrants could win:

:last_quarter_moon_with_face: A 3-month subscription to sofi natural formulations - your key to better sleep and mood enhancement with the plant capsules of your choice.

:sun_with_face: The Get Up/Get Down Bundle from Three Spirit Drinks - indulge in plant-powered, non-alcoholic elixirs designed by top bartenders and scientists. Perfect for every part of your day!

How to Enter:

:point_right: Follow on Instagram and Facebook

:globe_with_meridians: Click the link at the bottom of this post to complete your entry!

Three Lucky Winners will be chosen to dive into this botanical journey. Imagine enjoying Christmas and New Year’s with all the celebration but none of the hangovers! :tada:

Ready to transform your wellness routine? :seedling: Let the magic of botanicals lead the way!

:link: Click here to enter our botanical bliss holiday giveaway! :link:

Entry Deadline: 10/12/2023 (Open to UK residents only)

Winners announced: 11/12/2023

love sofi xx