Sprays timeline

Hi. I was just wondering how long it was from getting the lovely gift to starting on the sprays, feels like it’s been a couple of months since I got my stone… but I’ve heard nothing since… anyone have any idea… or can point me in the right direction.

Feel like I’m losing my marbles and that I’m not deserving of this trial etc and that I’m just being kept around for the sake of it… sorry. Having a low moment. X


Hi Elisa, welcome to the treehouse.

Dont worry, you will not have been forgotten. Everyone is equally deserving. It is important though to keep up your regular journalling and many people find that gives them insights into their sleep patterns (or lack of!) while they wait for their pioneer pack.

You will receive a pack when the next batch of mouth sprays are extracted, processed, hand packed, and ready to go out.
This is still a free trial and since it began the herb extracts have been made and trialled in sequence. So the products are not all ready for distribution like they will be when sofi is ready for sale. Pioneers get to try the sprays when new sprays are ready.

You will need to be a bit patient, although not as much as in the early days of the trial when some pioneers, including myself, had to wait and journal 6-8 months before receiving a pack. But things are speeding up now and i have read in here that the next pack will be Chamomile and is due to be shipped out in September. So not too much longer now.

The team will put out updates in here about the next batch.
I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face: