Mmm Caramel flavour

Have today begun sampling the 3rd pod in the Ashgawanda range which is n.01 (Caramel). My take on n.03 (cardamom) the first I used was, nice flavour, quite effective on relaxation and sleeping , so enjoyed my first taste of Ashgawanda. No.02 however threw me completely as I found the nude extract extremely strong tasting and not very pleasant. I have been relatively calm and relaxed lately and that could be down to the spray but who knows? Will try and update this post when I finish pod 01.
Good sleeping to all.


That’s amazing that you’re getting on with Ashwa @CjaJose … let’s see what the final capsule has in store for you! Can you begin to feel different observations about how the plants are generally impacting you? We’re this month going to have “atlas” up and running so we will begin to see and share the data side of this especially as we cycle though valerian and passiflora on this third gen sofi pods … but just curious @CjaJose if you’re beginning to note any consistent observations on your side? :pray:


Observations are somewhat mixed at the moment @Kaveh. I took to Valerian straight away and had no real misgivings about it throughout the trial. Passiflora however was different altogether, as I never felt entirely comfortable when I had quite vivid dreams whilst using it. Ashgawanda is ongoing and that is also prompting a dream cycle again. Some of which is not welcomed. I will however persevere and see what if anything develops.
Happy sleeps all


I was knocked out mostly by valerian (no dreams) … passiflora for the first time installed to dream … it wasn’t good or bad just crazy technicolour … ashwagandha seems to chill me out during the day … I take it smaller doses during the day … wishing you a restful and relaxin big HR @CjaJose and thx for sharing as always :pray:


Is it possible @Kaveh that I’m spraying at the wrong time? I tend to use 3 sprays around 5 - 6 o’clock and 3 at 10 - 10:30.
Happy sleeps

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