The 3 questions

To @alexwalkerjones
2 days ago, i got the 3 questions to answer and since these take longer to think about and reply to than the 1 minute or 2 for journalling i nipped to the bathroom.
When i got back (and i wasnt very long!) there was a request to update the app and the questions had disappeared.
So, i updated the app and resigned to have not completed the survey. I couldn’t complete the previous one either because question 3 was hidden by my keyboard, although that issue may have been resolved by now.

Then 2 days later (today) the questions appeared again, but desperate for a coffee first i went to make one, leaving the question page open. When i got back it had disappeared.
I realise that it is probably not possible to warn us that questions will be coming up, but would it be possible for the page to be visible for a bit longer? Or even to be able to recall it?
Sometimes, if on my way out i have little time to answer them when they appear without warning!


Hi @drmudlark,

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention (and I can only apologise for the delay - I have been abroad without access to my work computer and am only just playing catch up now :blush:)

Do you happen to recall what the questions were asking? Even if only one of them comes to mind, this will help us to know which journal (from what part of the day) these resulted from.

In addition, when you returned back to the sofi app, was a different page open on the screen, or had the phone/app turned off, and thus when you re-opened sofi it was as though the questions had been completed and your journaling was done?

I will pass all these details along so we can try to ensure that the place in the app with the questions is cached, as opposed to being overridden if left for too long.

Kind regards and thank you again for your acumen!


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