Questions in the journalling

I may not describe this very well because i cant go back and look at this section but… while on a programme we are asked various questions (in 3 boxes if i remember) and then some days later, perhaps a week, we are asked if we would like to add anything. The last box for example is about how we have felt in the last 7 days.

Well after finishing S2 I continued to journal without any sprays and now I am on S1. It must be at least 2 weeks since i last filled in these boxes because they seem to only appear when we are using the pods. Should we have new boxes for these questions for a new programme? Adding to what i wrote about S2 seems a bit odd now i am on S1 and there was no opportunity to add to the question boxes between programmes (before the last 7 days) when things did change (e.g. back to poor sleep betwèen S2 and S1 after the effects of S2 must have worn off)

While typing this i can tell i am not making much sense but it is hard to explain when i cant access the questions until they appear again.
I suppose i am trying to ask if we should just add to the same boxes. I assume that sofi can pair each added comment to the stage we are at.

But even if sofi can do that should we also have an opportunity to address these questions to report how we are feeling between programmes because this must be useful info??

I dunno, i am tempted to delete this because i am not expressing myself well, but i won’t in case someone on the sofi team has an inkling about what i am wittering about!

If you dont guys, just ignore me! :upside_down_face:


Hi I understand what you’re saying and I guess those questions you’re referring to are for the specific pods that are being tested. The mood balloons and the sliding scale of emotions still continue after the specific trial is finished so they give feedback to the team. That’s how I see it anyway. If specific information is needed the team get in touch and let you know what they need. Just keep going, all our experiences are vital for product development. :grin:


Hi @drmudlark, and thanks so much for posting! I am glad you did not delete your question, as it makes perfect sense to us and I totally understand your concern.

@Eevie is spot on in that the different questions we provide while journaling with the pods are, in effect, supplementary to the usual questions on mood and sleep. They correlate to flavour, your thoughts on the sofi program overall, etc and are immensely useful for us in better understanding your experience with the plants.

With that being said, we are keen to keep your daily journal as short and sweet as possible, while still collecting enough information, so this is why we tend to only feature the additional questions when a pod is active.

I do thing your question raises an excellent point in that we could potentially offer an optional journal to complete for the (non-formulation) days you may have something additional to share, or simply benefit from a more in-depth journaling experience. What do you think?

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Hi @alexwalkerjones, im at a loss to reply really because i cant see those 3 question boxes until i get them again and am asked if anything has changed in the last 7 days or if i want to add anything.
If those questions were only about taste and general comments about sofi then i guess its not necessary to respond to them between programmes. For some reason i thought the 3rd box referred to how we were feeling in the last 7 days, which is why i thought it would be useful to document changes in sleep behaviour once the effect of the pods had worn off. It seems i was mistaken if none of the questions are about changes in how we are sleeping or feeling between programmes. I must be imagining things!
Anyway, next time i get the questions i will note exactly what they are before the page disappears!

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@drmudlark you’re not imagining things at all haha! Do not worry! When I say formulation journal questions, this does include to the “how have you felt over the past week” question along with some similar questions (“tell us about your day…” etc.) which are reflective of more open journals on mood and wellbeing, as you say.

As we look to reorganise our journaling system moving forward, I will note the fact that these types of question may be useful (both for the sofi brain and for pioneers) to offer in addition to the basic daily sleep and mood journals. We may be missing out - who knows!