Quick questions

Hi, i have a couple of questions:
(The first may seem silly but i want to be sure)

  1. if we have an entirely sleepness night and we record it as zero hours, does it register as zero hours or does Sofi see it as a gap in our record (forgetting to record our sleep time)?

  2. This Q is for other pioneers too… In the last few weeks the thing that takes me the longest during recording is waiting for the app to react to the finish button. The straightforward recording takes me less than a minute but it seems to be ages before it registers.
    Are any other pioneers finding this?
    If not, i suppose this delay is likely to be my phone rather than the app?

Thanks :blush:


All your journalling is recorded, so no worries there. I know there’s a new app coming soon so there may be a delay in the older one , just keep journalling :blush:


I have not encountered that (on my iPhone), personally but maybe try rebooting (full power down) your phone and see if it still happens? I have had this issue with other apps when I’ve not powered down for a while. Hope it helps!


Just a quick Thank you to both.
I suspect i also have too much junk in my phone.
Got to dash, showing a group of kids how to take herb cuttings. It could be messy :grin:


Agreed on the slow journal reaction time!


Thanks @drmudlark and @Brijans02 for your feedback on this! I’m not sure myself whether it could be phone related, or something to do with the app.

Please do keep an eye out for any improvements surrounding this when the new app updates reach your phone (ETA is to launch this week in waves), and please let us know if the button is still reacting slowly for you then! :pray: :blush:


Hi…. I’ve never experienced any delays and I have an iPhone. Any interactions on Sofi pages all seem really quick.


Super interesting … let me add @enricovarano and @rafaelgoncalves into this … they may be able to shed more light! :pray:


I can answer question 1: yes please do select 0 hours if you didn’t sleep (sorry to hear!) because that absolutely counts as a journal (i.e. not like you forgot to journal). I’ll let @rafaelgoncalves address questions 2 but I’m sure it would help him if you can reply here with the phone model you’re using (and if possible the app version too).

All the best!


Thank you @enricovarano and also to @rafaelgoncalves.
My phone seems more responsive since leaving App 2.9.0 or 2.9.2.
I am now on App version 3.0.4. Some of the problem i think is my phone is quite full. Endless junk mail which i need to unsubscribe if i can and I shall attempt to transfer photos to my laptop this weekend. But anyway the response is better with the new App.
Just for info @rafaelgoncalves I have a Samsung Galaxy M31
Thanks for your time