The App was update

Yes, the sofi pod was charged. I updated the app and now it lets me journal. It also states that I have 0 of 70 sprays. Will the app tell me when to insert the new capsule? Thank you.

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Hi @rosefernandez5,

If possible, please move on to your second capsule (whichever flavour of your choosing!) once your first capsule runs out OR you reach 0/70 sprays. Without the app being able to register a spray, it won’t receive the accurate data needed for analysis of your experience by the sofi brain.

We know that occasionally there is a mismatch between liquid in the capsule and spray count, however once the capsule reads 0/70, it won’t be able to record any further sprays.

Of course, please feel free to circle back to finish any additional formulation that remains at the end of your Program. Fingers crossed your spray count with the next capsule behaves itself slightly better! :blush: :crossed_fingers:

You may be prompted to choose why you have ended your current formulation capsules “early” however, there should be an option to choose “formulation ran out” or something similar should that occur.

Hope that helps and wishing you all he best!

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