App not recording my usage


I’m on my 3rd capsule and have noticed that even though my pod is able to connect to the app it doesn’t record my usage. It shows it’s still full with 70 of 70 sprays. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, I also have had problems with the spray recording. Although it now seems to work it didn’t register the change in capsule and on the graph(?) Page it says no sprays yet even though I am on my second capsule. Any suggestions to fix this would be welcome thanks


Hi @Jenny and @Nahal,

Thanks so much for posting and raising this with us. Could you please confirm whether your sofi pod is charged and already paired with your sofi app?

The number one reason that the app might fail to record or recognise a spray/formulation capsule is that the pod has died or become disconnected from the sofi app (which requires pairing via bluetooth).

The easiest way to check this is to take a look at your home screen, where you go to journal each day, and checking that the correct formulation displays alongside your spray count.

It may also be worth checking that you’re pressing down hard enough for the app to recognise a spray :slight_smile: :tulip:


I also found if i spray too fast it doesn’t record my sprays, hope you manage to work it out, but with @alexwalkerjones on the case, you’re in good hands.


Hi thanks for your replies. The spray is definitely paired and the green light shows when I spray. It nearly always records the spray on the home page. But the graph (?) Page says no sprays please see screen shot
The correct spray is not registering on the home page as I had to swap the top unit from my last spray to the new one, because only two top units came with the three sprays. I imagine that will confuse matters.

I need to turn Bluetooth on and off nearly every day for the pairing to work.
I found the aswaganda really helps and I sleep really well with just one spray


I see @Jenny, thank you for those further details they are incredibly helpful. In this case, I believe this could be a bug we haven’t yet seen. I’m going to tag @Kirill and get this flagged with our development team to look into :slight_smile:

Could you just clarify for me what you meant by “only two top units came with the three sprays?”

Many thanks for your patience with the pod while we sort this out :pray:


Hi Alex
You can see from the photo that only one of the sprays has the top section which slots into the top of the cartridge. When they came the top section was on the orange bottle and not the brown. When the orange bottle was empty I had to swap the tops to use the brown
Hope this makes sense

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I’m not sure if I said already but I need to turn the Bluetooth off and on again nearly every day for the pod to connect


Hi @Jenny,

Thanks again for the details (and that photo really helps!) I’ve raised this with both our fulfilment centre and tech team for the sofi app so we can prevent it from happening again. :pray: (I presume you’ve already checked the box in case it was during shipment that it fell off, which leaves us with a small mystery as to where it went!)

I hope to hear back from the dev team shortly with some advice regarding your bluetooth pair and spray history screen. xx