Sprays not recording or over recording!

So my first pod has almost run out… but on the app it says I have 16 sprays left. My stick either records waaaay to many sprays or doesn’t record them at all, leaving my data a bit all over the place :frowning: I even had a spray recorded at 3am when I was asleep. Not sure what’s going on but I don’t want this to mess up my experience with the plant as it’s going so well and helping me so much. Is there a possibility that manual sprays can be brought back for accuracy?


HI @ameliamcfagan,

Thanks for messaging and sorry about the spray count difficulties you are experiencing!

May I please confirm whether you are opening the app each time you take a spray and watching it count down from there? Or are you spraying, and then checking back on the app afterwards?

With this version of your sofi pod, the sprays you take while the app is not open are timestamped so that they may be added to your history the next time you open up the app. I am wondering if perhaps the time stamps are getting confused. I’ll tag our app manager @Kirill to further investigate, however it would be great if you could open your sofi app each time you spray, for now, and to let us know if the app is counting down correctly with each spray?

The blue light represents your pod connecting to the app, while the green light signals a spray. More often than not, the app can also fail to record a spray unless you press swiftly, and all the way down on the sofi pod (which can require some strength)!

Thanks again for your help while we trouble shoot this and wishing you all the best of luck with the plants,


Hello :grin:
Yes I always have the app open when I do spray & make sure the stick is connected via Bluetooth! Which is why I was so confused when a spray was recorder at 3am while I was asleep and my stick was stood up on my table away from me. My main issue is that the bottle is very almost empty and it’s still telling me I have more sprays :frowning: thank you for looking into this!:slight_smile: