New spray saying its half used

Hi, bit of a strange one. I am onto my second spray, passiflora and on inserting the spray into the pod it records as 30 of the sprays have have been used and the numbers dont seem to update correctly although Bluetooth is connected. Anybody else having this issue?

Cheers, Jon


Not precisely this! But having issues yeah lol my Sofi stick pairs to the app but the green light never comes on and the counter doesn’t count down! The Sofi team were really helpful identifying the issue and said “it’s broken” and are sending a new one out… Though I’ve just started my 2nd pod without tracking sprays because I don’t know when it’ll arrive. It sounds like a similar issue to me (I doubt the pod arrived only half full, more likely your stick has stopped working maybe?) So hopefully the team will be able to help :+1::blush:


Hi @DjJonty,

Similar to what @JenniB mentioned, it’s important to look for a green spray upon each press. This is your signal that a spray has been successfully triggered and is able to be picked up by the app.

As far as troubleshooting, there is a small checklist that can help:

  1. Of course, first you’ll want to ensure that your pod is actively paired, and that the formulation currently inserted is being reflected on the home screen of your sofi app. (PS If you pod is ever struggling to pair, it’s usually a sign that the battery is low)!

  2. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that with each press, you are pushing swiftly and firmly all the way down, hard enough to trigger that green light. It can be tempting to give it just a small push to spray, but do see if increasing the speed and pressure helps solve the spray count issue for you at all!

If you have tried the above, and still no luck (or perhaps the app is only registering 1 out of 3 sprays, etc), please do not hesitate to reach out :blush: :pray:

Hope to get you back up and running soon!