The sofi science notebook

How do we think about the science behind sofi? How do we bring together elements of plant biology, pharmacology, mental/physical health all in one package? Plus, of course, the statistical brains of sofi analytics? That’s what we’re trying to do with the sofi science atlas: it’s a roadmap/blueprint/menu–or whatever analogy you care to choose–of how sofi does science. Stay tuned…


It’s certainly no small task that we’ve chosen to take on when it comes to realising our aspirations with sofi - but passion and the overarching desire to reconnect people and plants drives us on - so much so that our adventure with sofi never feels like much of a task!

How do we think of the science behind sofi?

With so many different disciplines (of both new and anciently old) coming together and integrated as one, it’s an excellent question to pose. It strikes me we have so much more to discover and learn. Keep us updated, Dr. Casarett!


It’s great to see you in the treehouse @casarett and can’t wait to hear more about the science behind sofi. Most people love plants, they just don’t think they are very effective - or worst yet - are sold primarily on marketing and lifestyle claims. It be good to understand how sofi is going to push this narrative forward and help make real impacts in people’s lives. Perhaps you can also introduce the various scientists working on the sofi. Can’t wait to see where this take us. KM