Sleepless nights

After another night of feeling shattered before bed i lay there not being able to sleep, its like as soon as my head hits the pillow im wide awake its so annoying, i don’t get up i just lay there pleading with myself to go to sleep whilst listening to the hubby having a lovely nights kip, i finally fell asleep after 5am to wake up at 7am thank god its bank holiday and the kids are off school otherwise I’d of only had an hour!


Feel for you I never get out of bed I just lay there exactly the same as yourself my wife sleeps all night but these pods are helping me massively I hope they have some kind of change to your sleep patterns
Good luck and hang in there Sofi will find the combination to help


I hear you loud and clear … I had 18 hours of sleep in the 168hr week. I am always so sleep deprived and then I’ll get so exhausted I will eventually pass out , mumble gibberish when someone tries to talk to me not realising I’m half asleep on the road to passing out from exhaustion. it’s happened more times than I care to note. .but I also suffer with chronic pain and other medical issues so I’ve a Lot on my plate. I don’t get to be very active as like I was before I was struck down with fibromyalgia (DX 2005, but now in 2022 I think there’s far more to it than the diagnosis I got when I was 25 :neutral_face:) I got that diagnosis and then it’s always been used to explain any darn thing that strikes me down and I’m so sick of it being the scapegoat medical term for every issue I have when I know it can’t be :roll_eyes: but that’s the Irish health system for you. They recognise I’m in severe pain a lot of the time so yeah they have me on oxycodone and fentanyl patches for the last 3 years but then I was on sleeping pills (for 10 years)previous and asked to come off them since my body was long tolerant to them and was moved onto diazepam (valium) to taper off and allegedly still help me sleep but they were useless to me also, even at 20mg which is a fairly high dose in doctor terms but it has literally no effect on me and I’m currently tapered down to 8mg now to begin 6mg next… chemical meds just dont work for me and I don’t know why. Never abused them but yet I’m tolerant of everything, opiates and benzos, it’s bizarre and frustrating cos I just want to sleep normally like everyone else around me​:neutral_face:


Definitely agree with you on the Fibro front, meds dont seem to be doing anything for me anymore :confused:


It’s a curse isn’t it. I don’t know life without pain anymore and I think if I woke up one day not in pain I’d still be really stuck in some kind of lovely dream, if I slept that is! Of course no sleep makes pain way worse as well so the key is proper restful sleep :pensive:
What I would give for a full 8hours sleep without waking. I haven’t slept like that in over a decade now.


8 hours sleep, how amazing that would be! :sleeping:

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I’m lucky if I get 2 consecutive hours together, no word of a lie. It’s horrible isn’t it … when I finally pass out from exhaustion or end up hallucinating from so much sleep deprivation it’s not real sleep. I seem to skip stage 3 , the deep sleep phase which we all know is the healing part and skip to a few minutes of rem which I’m easily awoken from, very easily awoken. Even my partner opening the door a little and peering into the room (when the door doesn’t even make noise!) to see am I sleeping will wake me up…so it’s like my awareness never fully goes away ?


I had over 6 hours last night and felt absolutely shattered when i woke up i feel worse than i do when i dont have hardly any, im currently on the sofa with a really bad headache, going back to sleep again to try and get rid of it x