Thanks for the best nights sleep in years

I dont know what to say, i used the sofi stick last night, i have passiflora, and i slept solidly for 5 hours, and after i had been to the loo, i went straight back to sleep. Being in hospital as well, i cant belive it, and i actually feel bright and uplifted, hope it continues, id like to go home today, doubt it, but i can wish. Thanks again.


So incredibly happy to hear that @MissTQ! Which of the three flavours did your journey start on and how do you like it? May the good night sleeps long continue for you xx :blush:



My journey started with pod 3, I cannot believe I’ve slept so well, it’s a wonder how much difference it makes, and sleeping whilst in hospital too, luckiky I’m going home later today, to start recovery of the large op, and get over the last few days where apparently I was very ill when I came in on Wednesday, I don’t recall that at all.

Thank you, it seems such small words, but the gratitude is immense, sleep really does help all things.



So thrilled to hear this @MissTQ … you have no idea how much this means to us. It fuels our motivation and inspires an ambivalence to the countless obstacles on the road … that what we are doing together with sofi is truly special. Thank you so much for being a pioneer with us on this journey Rosie. xx :pray:


Well I’m still sleeping well, which has made things easier to deal with, ie rhe op recovery,
mindfulness, no fuzzy head in the mornings, my oncologist is pleaswd, ans saya my inflammation markers in blood tests is nearly back to normal, and I put that down to sleeping better, I can’t wait to go to bed each night, I have enquired if rheres any way of getting the valerian to try, I dont mind paying, and im so glad i stumbled across this trial. When i was rushed back ro hospital, i was apparently very ill, they did all kinds of tests, including a ct scan, i dont remember anythi g apart from them putting a nasal gastric tube in to empty my stomach, i threw up on 3 nurses and my consultant ran for cover. I dont remember getting to the ward. But im home, and awaiting test results ro see if I only need chemo, or radiotherapy too. Before Sofi I’d have been deflated and anxious but, since getting some decent sleep my anxiety isnt taking over. So a big thank you to all the team, keep up the good work, as youre making a difference to so many peoples lives. Thank you xx

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Hi i havenr used rhe sofi stick for last 2 nights as im back in hospital again after having an emergency op,but will restart when i can.