Vivid dreams while using the 2nd pod

Im currently using my 2nd pod , on night 4 and have suffered the past two nights with the most vivid dreams to the point i am so upset to go back to sleep. Has annyone else experienced this xx


From what I recall, valerian can be linked to more vivid dreams (or just more dreams for those who typically don’t remember experiencing them). @pamelaspence Is this something you see often when working with valerian?

I’m sorry to hear that they have been more on the stressful and scary side for you! I’ve had sleep paralysis intermittently throughout my life and it took a lot of practice to remind myself that I was safe following an experience (or even a bad dream - as it tends to throw my sense of normalcy off for a day or two). I sympathise completely and hope the effect changes to a positive one soon :confused:


Hi, please don’t be alarmed by lucid dreaming as I too had really vivid ones when using pod 1. I was dreaming of everything from pirates to when I was a youngster. Things do settle down gradually. Keep smiling and things will get better.


I was dreaming about people dying… it was awful… and i was ok using pod 1 im using the 2nd which is blue for me. Ill keep going with it and hope its a one off … thank you all xxx


Arrrgggh sounds like a great dream :crazy_face::rofl:


Hi @linzic77 . Pod 2…last night after three nights of using, my sleep was restless and I had dreams that I hadn’t experienced before…weirdly I dreamt I hadn’t used the Pod right :joy:. A crap sleep!

But with this journey so far, my sleep has definitely improved, I feel better and despite being bloody shattered, I’m looking forward to the day.

I hope you can too and stay positive :grin:


Hi @linzic77 ,

So sorry to hear you had that experience. Thanks @alexwalkerjones for tagging me here.

I don’t usually see more vivid or disturbing dreams when working with valerian BUT people who have stopped dreaming (or remembering their dreams) can sometimes start to experience them again as their sleep quality improves.

There is no difference in the strength of valerian between the pods - it is all even from the same batch. If it continues to be an issue, I wonder if there is something in the flavouring of the pod you are on which is an issue for you (although I can’t think what it might be). You could swap to the third pod and test that theory?

Wishing you a peaceful night :pray::herb:



I slept lots better last night so hoping its just been a odd occurence.
I to have slept better since using these pods.
Just have to keep going with it all lol x


@linzic77 vivid dreams can be very frightening and unsettling as they can seem very real and detailed. I get them quite a lot but I’ve had them for years, made worse by an anti depressant medication i take. Even so, i still get the odd one where i have to get up as I’m too afraid of going back into the same dream. Hopefully just a one off as you say. I find that if i have a really bad one (although very difficult to snap out of) that it helps to get out of bed for half an hour, to eat and drink something. This usually stops me going back to the same dream and i then usually dream of something else. See how you go but please let us know if your dreams are upsetting you again. :pray:


Hi @pamelaspence, would it then be correct to think that as sleep patterns become more normal, that our dreaming could return to how it used to be before our interrupted sleep began? I for example have occasional dreams but not as often as when i was younger


Hi @CjaJose , sorry for the delay - I took some time off over Easter and am just back and catching up!

Yes, I have certainly seen that happen to patients - that when their sleep returns to it’s (positive) normal pattern then dreaming can return as they have previously experienced it.

Hope that helps!