Weighted blanket

I use a weighted blanked, and it does helped me as I am able to rest more even when I don’t sleep. Now mine wasn’t very expensive and can’t remember what weight I got . Gone for the middle. For everyone wanting to try them, do😊


We all have weighted blankets here kids have 10kg, we have the heaviest, love them. Help With hubbies legs, not my sleep unfortunately, do chill me out.


@sonja.ekkers.77 recommended one for my son - went for 6.5kg weight loved it straight and has helped him to stay asleep. Now wants me to get a heavier one🙄


I’m debating if I want to go for a heavier one :joy::joy: I don’t know about the price either. Is more expensive better ?? Or is it just the weight 🤷🤷

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I think its more expensive. My inlaw (the recommender)got a 15kg for restless legs but her husband was being crushed…now blanket in the loft😂