Pillow talk.... Bit random i know

Morning guys and girls.

Pillows, I’ve tried the lot memory ones, gose and duck ones hollow fiber ones i just cant seem to get the right one.

Any recommendations would be handy as my partner is getting a bit fed up with me buying pillows :see_no_evil:.


I’m with you on this I’ve had really expensive ones cheap ones and I hate them all . Being a front sleeper it’s difficult to find a way to get comfortable with a pillow but without one it’s also uncomfortable, hopefully there are answers in the treehouse


I was a frequent buyer of pillows at one point in my life too. Was searching for THE one.
But now, I am a proud “no-pillow” sleeper. Have been one for many years and don’t miss anything.
Some say that it is not good for your spine (especially when sleeping on the side). So far never had issues.


I used to experience awful neck pain from the way I slept and the pillows I slept on. I tried a few different brands but always struggled to find the right combination between supported and structure but not too high, etc, or too soft. For reference I usually sleep on my side and sometimes my back.

For a couple of years I’ve been using a brand called Panda. They’re made of bamboo and memory foam, and if I recall correctly, they come with a 10 or 12 year guarantee. They’re not the cheapest, but for the support they provide and their lifespan (so far so good), I have no complaints!

I think, oddly enough, pillows are one of those things that might just be different for everyone. So many preferences and differences in the way we all like/tend to sleep!


I have found the Panda pillow in Dunelm for £36 not bad I’m going to try one


I find that a relatively thin-ish pillow works best for sleeping on your front. I bought a goose down pillow from John Lewis which is supper fluffy and big but when you put your head on it you just sink away in it. Love it!

Although you did say you already tried them so not sure how helpful this is. Of course when I then sleep I really put my head on a corner of the pillow so it’s not too high. Haven’t used any other pillow since. And even take it with me when holidaying (although that’s been a while sadly).

Can’t find the exact pillow I got on the website anymore but they have a range you could look at.

But yeah, pillows are the most difficult thing to find for a front sleeper I think. Thin yet fluffy is what you want I guess. :grin:


Does the pillow case have any impact as well?


For me yes. I used to have quite chunky pillow protectors and then the pillow case on top. Which creates too many layers (thickness) and doesn’t give that fluffy feeling.

These days I use very thin pillow protectors and my oldest pillow cases as they are super soft and thin from using them out so often :grin:


I’ve had a Silentnight (supposedly) anti snore one for a while which has structure without being chunky. I sleep with one arm under the pillow so too thick or too thin pillows can be an issue and keep me awake. I like some height and these pillows give you neck support while having a dip in the middle providing the perfect curvature in my opinion. They were on offer and quite inexpensive last time I checked