What exactly is Sofi

Hi all! I’m new and haven’t yet received my stuff. Just curious what exactly it is that we will be receiving to help with sleep. Does anyone know? Until today I’ve only had access to the journal while waiting for the pod(?)


Hey @rweiss1979 it’s great to have you here in the community, SoFi is a great way to connect us with nature again, currently us S1 pioneers have tested valerian to help improve our sleep patterns and some have found it’s helped with anxiety too, it comes in a spray bottle that comes with a Sofi Stick which connects to your phone and counts your spray so data can be collected to see how your sleep improves with the spray alongside a daily journal , myself I found a massive improvement in my sleep pattern except when I come off night shifts :rofl: When you complete your initial 10 days of journalling your sleep you will hopefully then be able to proceed onwards with testing the next pod ( passiflora ) which will be getting shipped out in may , hope this has helped :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Very helpful. I can’t wait to try.


Sofi is a revolutionary herbal spray system designed to help us with anxiety and sleep problems using the power of herbs! The S1 used valerian which is a medicinal herb traditionally used for insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress. The S2 will use Passion Flower, another medicinal herb traditionally used for restful sleep and anxiety. The inventors/ developers are trialling the benefits by using an app to track the effects on a person before they use, during and after. I can’t wait to get my S2! Hope it works well for you. Bright blessings :pray: