What happens next

I have finished my 30 days and would like to know what happens now . I found this experience beneficial and a success. I have slept more then I have in a long time, I get up in the morning feeling refreshed and can achieve things in the day. I would really like to continue to use and work with Sofi going forward.


This is exceptional @wanda.braine snf so pleased that the first pioneer program has had a positive effect. We are thinking of bringing in a refill program for pioneers who wish to continue with the current valerian formulation ahead of the S2 Program kick starting. Adding @alexwalkerjones hetr so we can add you to the interested for refill group and will have an update shortly! xx :pray:


I’m on the S2 pioneer starter program and I’m sad knowing I’m on my last spray formulation now. How long will the wait be until we could get refills too? :pray: :sunflower: #Refills #s2-pioneer-program