What is your favourite river?

Those lucky enough to live on or near a river have probably chosen to do so. Reasons will vary but I am pretty sure that one of these will be the peace it brings. Mine is the Gave de Pau in South Western France. I can sit down beside it with my Kindle and within ten minutes, I have forgotten to read and will just shut my eyes and ears to all but the sound of water flowing deeply and almost silently by on its way to Peyrehorade.
So why does the sound of water have a calming effect on people? There are few books that have been written about this phenomenon but I remember reading a book by an American marine biologist, in which he explains that looking at or being near water can reduce stress and
anxiety, increase happiness and do far more than just make one feel calmer.
Would I swap the Gave with the River Thames? No, because both can bring me peace, albeit in very different ways. Besides, Iā€™d certainly miss my annual dalliance with the Gave and having now received my Ashwagandha sprays, I am looking forward to finding out whether the combination of flowing water and ashwagandha will serve to restore the long-forgotten length and quality of my sleep.


This is amazing narrative @neatby and so grateful for you to share it ā€¦ I find the sound of rain extremely relaxing and helps me sleep ā€¦ there is a light plastic roof over the bathroom by the bedroom and you can hear the drops when they hit the surface ā€¦ also thunder and distant rain ā€¦ water is super calming ā€¦ maybe so much of life as we know her is touched by water ā€¦ but the sound of water ā€¦ rain on the roof, waves on a beach or even a bend ina river ā€¦ extremely zen and help me mood modulate faster than anything else ā€¦. Nature melodic rhythms in action :pray:


The river calder (rotten cader) that runs through my current home town, Blantyre and into my old home town East Kilbride. I walk along side it at least once a day with the new dog :dog2: