Sleepless in London

I’ve lived in London for the past 48 years and cannot remember a night when I’ve had more than 6 hours’ uninterrupted sleep. Having been raised in the country and woken to the sound of running water, cows, birds and other beautiful sounds, I sometimes wonder if returning to such a life would produce any improvement. A slower pace, less traffic, unpolluted vegetables…? Or maybe at 75, I’m stuck forever in this cycle of long days an short nights…? I am SO looking forward to finding out with sofi


@neatby ….What an amazing picture. I don’t live in the country, but I have a lovely wooded area at the back of my house filled of deer, squirrels, badgers and birds. In the first lockdown when there were no cars on the roads all you could hear were the beautiful sounds of the birds. Although I would never want lockdown again I will never forget the peace and tranquility of just hearing the birds sing.

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Hi, Jacqui. Thanks for responding to my very first post - and yes, this is one of our favourite views, albeit taken during this weekend’s ‘street’ party. Nothing better than flowing water to revive a drooping spirit.