Sleep sound app

Hello to everyone in the tree house this is my first post. Just wondering if I’m the only one who uses a sleep app for playing different so called sleep sounds to help you drift off . I have either thunder and heavy rain or an oscillating fan .can’t drift off without the noise which is strange as I love peace and quiet but I can’t drift off again to sleep when I wake during the night I can’t stand the noise, very strange but it helps for the first hour


I Use the sleepscape app calle loona, it’s amazing and has both stories and sounds (which I too use to help me drift off to sleep). I have the same issue, I think’s because when you wake up in the middle of the night you are very sleepy and just want to get back to sleep, whereas your brain might not be so sleepy as soon as you get into bed


Yes I definitely agree with you, at least the app gives us some relief


My perfect combination was always a mix between a crackling fire and a thunderstorm using the app “rain rain,” which allows you to customise the intensity of each. The only problem was that I slowly conditioned myself to need a nap every time it rained! :sweat_smile:

It was incredible how strong the association was, but definitely helped me silence my thoughts and sleep (whether I need to or not)…


I sometimes use YouTube videos of asmr sounds , a soothing voice really helps me fall asleep quicker I find .
I tend to use this sparingly though and keep it as a fallback if I have real trouble falling asleep. Whatever works for you works I suppose. :blush:

My whole family is the same. We all have fans, and can’t sleep without the sound! Every night of the year :rofl:

It’s not just me who does that then :rofl:


Haha, that’s so funny :grin: I can just imagine how difficult it must be living in the UK after conditioning yourself so!


I like listening to audible, stories. I live in middle of countryside, I love the sounds, presently we have a sheep, that’s sounds like an old man after 100 cigs and family of foxes.


I’ve just started using audiable. It’s actually quite soothing, even just as a background noise. It’s amazing what we subconsciously pick up and remember.