When do start to see a difference?

So I have been spraying in mouth for over a week, when do you start to see a difference in sleep?


Depends on your response to this particular herb. The different herbs that have been tested do not have the same effect for everyone. This is part of the point of this study, to see people as individuals and not as the ‘average’ person.
If you search for the different herbs you can find comments from pioneers about the different herbs tested.
I found Ashwagandha to maje me feel sleepy but Valerian which knocked some people out made me feel more wired.


Hi @Ruby.jheeta,

I though to copy in a response to another thread by our expert herbalist @pamelaspence!

You’ll see the number of “10 days” incorporated into our Program structure for sofi often, as it seems statistically to be the sweet spot for both establishing a strong baseline for sofi to begin to analyse, as well as the time it takes for the plant to build in your system enough, for observations (both by you and sofi’s “brain”) to be made!

I hope that helps - and should ashwagandha not be the right plant for you, it is simply on to the next! :blush: