Sleep Quality Improvement?

Is there an estimated period that we can expect to see improvement in sleep?


Hi @ccakern.alleyne - This is a great question!

I know with our initial Programs that took place with valerian and passiflora, it took roughly 10 days before the sofi brain could begin to understand our interaction with the plants, and begin to analyse the benefits for us. Of course, how we personally experience those benefits could be an entirely different story! Tagging @pamelaspence here for her expertise!


Hi @ccakern.alleyne - great question! And thanks for the tag @alexwalkerjones :slight_smile:

It is different for everyone however, in clinic I would expect to see a difference within 10 days and that difference can then improve over the next 3 weeks usually. In fact, when @Kaveh first asked me to estimate when we would start to see a result with valerian, I said 10 days and it turned out that this is exactly what we saw in the tracked results.

So my conversation with patients is usually something like - if you can see any improvement within 10 days (sometimes earlier, sometimes just a glimmer of change) then stick with it for the next 3 weeks to allow the accumulative effect to build up. But if we haven’t seen anything at ALL by 10 days then I would begin to question whether it is the right herb for that person. I’d probably still ask them to stick with it for at least 2-3 weeks but not beyond that if there was no change, and the dose was correct.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: :herb: