When will i get my smart pod

All i have received is a small stone in a bag what am i ment to do with this


Take a photo of the pebble in your hand and post the picture in the treehouse…
This pebble confirms your postal address for the next part of your pioneer journey. The packs are sent in batches as the product ingredients, i believe, are made in fresh batches depending upon which herbal trial you’ll be part of.

Also, Scroll the treehouse for others asking the same as an admin may have more up to date info for you.


Also, to new pioneers, some common questions have been answered a great many times by the team and other pioneers who have been here a while. You may well find the answer you want if you search the treehouse with the search symbol (magnifying glass).
That is to save scrolling if the same question isn’t close to yours


This is good to know for future reference :kissing_heart::pinched_fingers:t3: