2am and wide awake as per norm

2am and i was up n awake after only 2hrs broken sleep, when will i ever escape this anxiety and stress. I’ve been praying for my pods to come thru but as im a pioneer we seemed to be forgotten about. They now want us to purchase the sprays which cost an arm n a leg. In todays cost of living crisis i doubt many people could afford them (unless you’ve got money to burn) I’ve been on this journal since January and getting nowhere. Im so stressed i can’t eat i cant sleep and my mind wont shut down. Im in debt upto my eyeballs i have baliffs knocking at my door all because my ex left last yr on my birthday. 1yr 5months of pure stress and anxiety depression thats without my physical difficulties i have fibromyalgia osteoporosis osteoarthritis copd and asthma. PLEASE HELP SOON BEFORE I LOOSE FAITH!!!


Sorry to hear you’re not sleeping, and I know the anxieties seem worse because of that, I too have health problems and I know its worrying, i have fibromyalga, and am waiting for scans to see what the next step is after my chemo. But stress, pain, worrying, and the cost of living is a crisis for many people. Did you have any of the ashwagandha? I dont know when it was sent out, but if you joined after they had done the first wave of it, then its december before the chamomile is being trialled. Passiflora helped me loads, love it and have subscribed, ashwagandha was also helpful, valerian not so much. I found that you can buy things over the counter, Nytol is good, the one a night 50mg, its £7 for 16 tablets, they’re an antihistamine, but have proved to be helpful to some, not me, but my other half swears by them. You can get valerian, chamomile and passiflora from health shops, I’m not sure if they’re the aame strength as the pods from Sofi. I found that a bath with lavender oil, and a couple of drops of it on the carpet by my bed helps me to relax, or a pillow spray. I’m sure you know all about the bedtime rountine, no blue screens for 2 hours before bed, read a while to help relax, I wish I could help you more, I’ve been where you are and its dreadful, its not good and the worries weigh you down, it becomes more heightened due to lack of sleep. I don’t know if you’ll feel any better reading this, but there are brighter days ahead, and its not all bad, you just have to be strong to get through it take care, I hope you can get some sleep, I know it’ll help you to feel better if you do.