50 days of journaling

Yes 50 days of logging in telling you how tired I still feel even after some sleep this morning I felt that 50 days was a milestone not to mention the banging head ache I got :face_with_head_bandage::sob::sob:


Morning @tinasmith3535 and you know I really can’t wait to start getting these S1 units to you and starting to make a difference! So grateful to have you here with us in the journey and only thing I can provide for now is that we are in this together. Hang in there! Xo


Me too! A great milestone , I’d be quite interested to see how my pattern has varied the last 50 days aswell


I’m only I think at 23 days,and its definitely interesting to see our commitment to improve our sleep patterns.Sorry about your headache,I think at this point we all have such a regimen and routine to know what to do w them and lack of sleep,so no advice needed except this too shall pass xx


I past the 50 days in a sick stage :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hi All,
So pleased to be part of this community, officially! :slight_smile: Just got my pebble. Plan to make a necklace of it and carry it with me for laughter, joy and appreciation.
Thank you all :pray: namaste


So pleased to have you on this journey with us xx your S1 Pioneer box is now reserved and we will be updating on the progress to shipping units out shortly. Welcome on board! :pray:


Ahh lovely delighted for u xx still waiting for mine though it be here today hopefully Monday yaa u no this will be amazing journey to go on for us all here ino if not sofi 1 there’s a sofi 2 I think so it be amazing to take part in something that could change :blush: lives cause wen u are actually like us Bearley no sleep don’t no way ur day will go tired in the day I can’t wait to see how this journey goes :blush:


Get better soon @sonja.ekkers.77
Do you think the 50 days milestone is somehow related to feeling sick :rofl:
In any case, I too would like to see a summary of my entries over the past 50 days. Will be especially important to have an idea once we start working with S1…


Thank you, Sabrina … hopefully, you will receive it soon. :slight_smile: I felt more connected when I had it in your hand - plan to make it a necklace, as suggested by @sheldonlkumm.
Have a lovely restful weekend!