Big it up for sofi

So, as i was very critical of the colouring jurnal i think i said i hate it.:pensive:

Well im loving the replacement the slide,its quick and to the point,and easy to do. well done to the sofi team,
Also the new pods are giving me so much energy and deep satisfying :sleeping: :zzz:
I am finding that one dose before i go to bed is plenty though, if i take some at dinner time in falling asleep in the chair

Have a great day everyone


We are so incredibly grateful for having you on this journey with us @malone.shelley - and we love all the feedback that’s helping us build sofi together. :pray:


Arrr thank you, :blush: im loving the experience


Hi there, I’m brand new to this and just still journaling my sleep, which is absolutely horrible! I still don’t even know what a Sofi pod is!? Can you explain this to me? What is a Sofi pod and what is the Sofi spray? Also, what was your sleep like before you started using these products? I have a horrible sleep disorder and I’m hoping this/these will help me somehow! Also, how long did you journal before you received your Sofi pods and spray? Thx for info!!


Hola welcome to the community, I’ll start with your post about the pebble, the pebble is a way for the team to confirm your address and is a nice gesture too, each pebble has its own little story aswell :slight_smile: the pods are what the sofi formula is kept in , and goes into the sofi stick which is administered as a oral spray , my sleep pattern before joining the sofi pioneer family was awful and has improved significantly! The other night I managed to sleep 9:30 minutes , To get your pioneer pack you need to complete your 10 day journalling baseline ( still continue journaling after this so sofi can get a better reading on your sleep) and receive your pebble and send a pic of said pebble in hand to confirm you have received it and that should reserve you into the next pioneer pack , aslong as there is still reservation space etc , will tag the awesome @alexwalkerjones if I missed anything out :rofl::rofl::rofl: hoping not!


Hi @Kimberly, It’s great to have you here - and wow, 3 days straight without sleep must be incredibly hard are on you :worried: Fingers crossed that sofi can provide some relief. :sofi_moon:

@Aaron is completely spot on. A sofi “plant pod” refers to each of our natural formulations for better sleep and calm. And your “sofi stick” is the bluetooth device that allows you to spray the formulations and track your response to them over time when paired with the sofi app. I’ll attach a photo of both below.

Once your 10 days of journaling are complete, the next step is to confirm your address and receive a small surprise from us to confirm that your Pioneer Pack (containing your sofi stick and plant pods) will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be!

Once received, you’ll submit an image of this via the app and your S3 Pioneer Pack will be reserved. Our formulations for the S3 will activate ashwagandha, and you can find out more on the timeline and process by visiting the following treehouse thread: S3 Pioneer Program | updates

Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out :blush


Much prefer the slide too. I agree.