A red herring bubble?

Sitting in my chair at 4am gasping for breath and clutching a toilet roll, I find myself wondering whether one should journal when simply ‘under the weather’? Maybe we could employ a billious-coloured balloon to show that these are abnormal times and that our sleeplessness is the result of congestion, rather than - in my case - a state of mind?


Stay strong my my friend , we all have these times, can I ask have you tried Ashwaganda ksm66 supplement, I’d suggest buy some , I started them, but also eager to try this spray here , also learning to breath in through nose and out ( correct breathing way) can also help
I wish you well my friend


Thank you @Gaving. Fortunately I’m not also asthmatic, otherwise I’d be a lot worse off but this is one hell of a virus and not one I’ve encountered before.



We have definitely had the request to implement an option for being sick or under the weather as inevitably these things tend to impact sleep in a dramatic way!

It is added to our Pioneer feedback list that we refer to as we look ahead to improving the app, adding bonus features, and fine-tuning the Pioneer experience, so it will not be forgotten!

I would love to soon share the history of all the Pioneer-suggested improvements we have had so far - and how they have been implemented successfully thanks to our incredible community! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


I too think there should be a bubble that asks if you’ve got a problem health wise, but it would be difficult to give the different symptoms, ie, headaches, migraines, virus, feeling nauseous, in pain, to name a few. I’m only saying that as personally I have different symptons daily, due to my back problems and also the cancer, still getting over the 2 serious ops I’ve had, the last one to save my life. Right now I’m going through chemotherapy, and each day I feel so many different things, moods, feeling sick, being sick, exhausted, aches and pains, feeling weak, no energy, and sometimes the easiest of things is an uphill struggle. Many people have different health problems, and sometimes its difficult to explain how you’re feeling, well for me it is. Then theres the unlucky ones like myself who had and still have life threatening health problems. Sleep effects so many different things and a lot of emotions. On a good note I slept nearly 10 hours last night, I feel amazing, my usual back pain is noticeably better to deal with, I’ve not reached for painkillers yet, and my mood is up in the sky. I’m having my chemo right now, and the usual team have noticed my mood is brighter and I don’t look as tired and strained as I usually do, and even cracking jokes. But its such a big area to explain, they may be too many balloons, which are still a little troublesome. I like the wee questions that appear occasionally, as I can then try to explain why l chose the bubbles, and also be able to maybe explain how I’m feeling, I keep a diary each day to record my sleep and how I’m feeling each day, but maybe some bubbles asking if we’re feeling under the weather. I’m rambling and I’m a little sleepy, so i may have a nap while I am having my infusion.


Hello @MissTQ. A well-reasoned argument to my post! In my somewhat finite reasoning and presuming that sofi’s computers are behind the Team’s analysis of an individual pioneer’s mood and health changes, I find I am reluctant to claim points for saying that I am mainly tired after less than 3 hours’ sleep, simply because of a particularly virulent head cold. In your case, I can certainly see that one all-encompassing bubble could be limiting and I look forward with great interest to see how sofi’s software gurus address the issue!

Warm wishes