New bubble suggestion

Just a thought for an additional bubble. How about 1 that addresses illness in some way. I think the idea of this program is for us all to get better sleep and be more energised during the day.

Sometimes I feel that the current bubble selections dont aways give an accurate reading for how I feel though.

I may sleep really well but still feel like total crap the next day, simple because my ME or Fibro is bad, nothing to do with how I slept. Maybe external factors could be added into the mix? Chronic illness/extreme weather conditions/extreme short term stressor etc

Just a thought?


Absolutely @DollsHead,

We have definitely had the request to implement an option for being sick or under the weather as inevitably these things tend to impact sleep in a dramatic way - and you make an importance distinction between chronic and acute issues too.

I’ve added this to our Pioneer feedback list that we refer to as we look ahead to improving the app, adding bonus features, and fine-tuning the Pioneer experience, so it will not be forgotten!

I would love to soon share the history of all the Pioneer-suggested improvements we have had so far - and how they have been implemented successfully thanks to our incredible community! Stay tuned :slight_smile: