Update: We launched our Pioneer Program!

We’ve launched our Pioneer Program

As of last week, I officially hit ‘send’ on the first round of invitations to join our Pioneer Program. Whoop whoop!

If you’re a member of the treehouse already, then chances are you will have received an invite already, otherwise, feel free to sign up here.

As our initial challenge is to help people living with insomnia and sleeplessness, the main active ingredient of the first formulation is Valerian.

Valerian is the subject of a huge body of research, with most evidence pointing towards the experience of better sleep and more day-to-day calm, which made it an excellent choice for us to work with. Additionally, as it’s a root, quite tough and stringy it was also a good challenge straight away for us to work with.

With the thinking being, if we can do this with Valerian root we can do it with anything.

Personally, I can’t wait to try it and see it working for myself. I’ve seen the packaging design and the pods and app going from prototype to the beautiful design they have now and really look forward to you all receiving it and holding it in your hands.

Please feel free to ask us or other members any questions you have about the program, the pods, the formulations, the app, plant based medicine or anything else you can think of.

We’re really at the start of our journey and are looking to shape what we do together with you. So jump in, say hi, find support, share your story, and your connection with plants. I look forward to hearing from you,



Hi, I’m enjoying this journey and so great to be involved from the start. When you look at a root like Valerian and it’s potential, how much existing research do you pull in that’s already been validated. Or do you simply start from scratch


That’s a great question Simon - and I’ll do my best to answer it sufficiently for you!

In reality it’s much of both! You can find the scientific and peer reviewed literature available on our website as well as within the sofi blog where it gets further broken down. The research we put together there is the result of a systematic analysis conducted by some of the incredible scientists on the sofi team, of hundreds, if not thousands, of peer-reviewed papers and research studies.

Then we have to take into account all the evidence for Valerian that doesn’t make it into the western medical journals! Valerian, after all, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine within cultures all over the world for its ability to aid in relaxation and sleep - and any ethnobotanist or medical herbalist can tell you so!

What’s fascinating about all this, however, is that our approach with sofi is N-of-1. What that means is that we are effectively starting from scratch as you say, taking each and every individual as a unique self-study of 1.

Because while Valerian may have extensive data on its effectiveness for thousands of people, what we really want to know is quite simply: does it work for you? If the answer is no then we try a different plant!

I hope that helps to answer your question, and let me know if there’s anything I can point you towards!

TL;DR: we’re big science geeks but we think the best expert of you is you :slight_smile:


Wowsers, what an amazing answer @alexwalkerjones :star_struck: I don’t think anyone could have explained that any better! Thank you for that :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks for letting me a pioneer . And explaining everything I’m a horse person/ farmer so not very technical :rofl::rofl: but so far I can find my way around. And enjoying this journey excited to trail the pods and hope to have more than 4 hours of sleep :blush::blush:


That’s brilliant thank you for a very informative and thoughtful answer - happy Christmas