App issue asking to change settingd

My app now keeps coming up with an error saying I need to go into settings to pair my pod to my phone. However, I have not received my pod. How do I fix this please?


Will tag @alexwalkerjones in here to see :slight_smile:


Hi @Ks02guy1 , the app seems a little unstable at the moment. Mine keeps disconnecting from the Sofi spray and also the inserted pod. Don’t worry too much about error messages as updates are affecting things in different ways. If you clear app cache, log out of app then log back in it may temporarily clear the errors.


Hi @Ks02guy1, thanks for posting. When you get a chance, it would be really helpful to get a screenshot of the error message that is appearing for you. As you are still waiting for your sofi stick, there’s no need to be paired to anything just as of yet. Is the error message preventing you from journaling as per usual?

Please let me know and will work to get this sorted for you ASAP. :pray: and thanks @Aaron for the tag!

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Hi, I am able to update my journal, but the same error keeps popping up up.


each page.


Amazing, thanks so much @Ks02guy1

Hope to have a fix for you soon :pray:

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Brilliant, thanks so much :pray:


Hi @Ks02guy1, so the dev team is looking into this as the pop-up shouldn’t have appeared in the first place. In the meantime to stop receiving the notification, you can navigate to your settings and allow permissions for sofi to connect to nearby devices.

Certain features such as location services, Bluetooth, and nearby devices will need to be enabled during the S3 launch in order to for your sofi stick to pair, so if it’s easiest to enable it now, there’s absolutely no harm in doing so (screenshot attached) :slight_smile:

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