Error in the app

Hi, I’ve been using the app for over a week now. It’s been working ok the first few days. Now every time I want to use the journal - the message comes up saying - error and that the location has to be set, the whole screen keeps flickering and with that it’s impossible to enter the data in the journal or to do anything. Which means the data is incorrect - because it still registers as if I have entered an information. Did you have this issue before? And do you suggest I should do?

This is what it looks like on the screen but the screen keeps flickering and no chance to click on eventually shuts down. The message says to connect the pod but i don’t have any pod yet and the location access is already turned on. Hope this information helps you to fix this error. Thanks :pray:

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Hi @Alaya - thank you for such a detailed account of this issue and for providing that screenshot for us. I am flagging this with Kirill right away. In the meantime, it would be great to check whether Bluetooth and Location services are turned on for the sofi app specifically, as having them on in general may be a different thing.

To do this, you can visit settings, locate the sofi app in settings, make sure first that Bluetooth is turned on for the app, and then select “Location” and ensure that that is also turned on “while using the app.”

Of course, if this is already done, and the issue persists, we will be investigating it further as a potential bug. :pray: :crescent_moon:

Many thanks!

Thanks for your kind reply @alexwalkerjones .
Yes, I turned the location on and it was the same,but will follow your advice with turning the Bluetooth on too.
I am still experiencing the same issue, unfortunately. I may delete the app and upload it again to see if this helps.


Thanks so much Alaya - please do let us know and I am tagging @Kirill here for any advice he has also!

Thank you @alexwalkerjones !

I have uninstalled the app and then downloaded it again and that did the trick. It’s working all ok now . Yey!

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