Sprays not registering -?

Hi all, I see some of you have had the same problem as me. I’m spraying regularly and my sprays are not registering. Even though my pod is fully charged and I’m spraying right next to my phone whilst my Sofi app is open and active. Any thoughts :woman_shrugging:


Hi @sarah.irving,

Thank you for posting about this. It would be great to confirm a few things so that we can troubleshoot this further with you - and thank you in advance for your help!

Are you able to see the correct capsule and spray count in your sofi app? Are you keeping it open to that page each time you spray?

it would be great to receive a screenshot of that homepage so that we can see exactly what you do, and whether or not your pod and/or capsules are being successfully recognised.

Lastly, are you able to see a green light flash as you press down to spray? (To test this, spraying in a mirror, or into a cup can make things easier as the green light will flash into your mouth!)

Look forward to hearing back!!

Dear Alex,

I have included a screenshot of when I was actually using the spray, and also a picture of how close the pod was to my phone at the time. Yes, I had the app open on the homepage and no the green light did not flash when I sprayed.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Irving


Hi @sarah.irving, thank you kindly for those images. There are super helpful.

Your pod is not yet paired with your sofi app, and it’s a little strange that no lights are showing up (blue to show the pod trying to pair with the app, and green for spraying).

Could you try logging out and logging back in, and then selecting “pair my pod” and seeing if that resets the pod/app at all?

If not, we may need to arrange for a collection of your sofi pod so that it can be sent to our engineering team to be repaired and returned! We know this isn’t the most convenient but they are super speedy and the sooner we can get you up and running, the sooner we can (hopefully) get you some better sleep and unique discoveries with the plant. xx

Dear Alex,

I have followed those steps and my pod is paired again and working as it should.

Thank you,


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happy to hear @sarah.irving !! Wishing you a lovely rest of the week x