App not updating πŸ˜’

@alexwalkerjones now not only is my app not registering my journey but its also saying i have 37 sprays left of a spray when its empty so something isnt working right

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Hi @ames1905 - thanks so much for your post and sorry to hear that your journey has gone amiss! Let’s see if we can’t pinpoint the issue for you and get it resolved! :crossed_fingers: :blush:

Firstly, I’d love to confirm that your sofi pod is paired, with your formulation appearing correctly on the home screen of your app prior to spraying? Often times, an inaccurate spray count is the result of the pod becoming disconnected (perhaps if bluetooth is switched off, or if the battery is running low).

Once it’s definitely paired, it can help to keep an eye on the spray count with each press to understand exactly when and where any sprays may be getting missed. For accuracy, we would recommend starting this with a fresh formulation if you have one handy.

Next, we may need further details regarding your journey in order to investigate this.

At your convenience, if you could kindly provide any screenshots of missing journey progress, etc, we’ll be able to compare this with the spraying and journaling data attached to your sofi account. :pray:

Look forward to hearing from you!