Duplicated/"ghost" sprays: fixed (hopefully!)

Over the last several weeks many Pioneers reported weird “ghost” sprays appearing in their app out of nowhere. On Friday we released an app update and hopefully this is fixed now :nerd_face:

If you still have this issue, please check if your app is on version 3.2.16 (you can see the version number in your app profile tab). If the ghost sprays are still there on v3.2.16 - please let me know in this thread.

This update isn’t supposed to fix another issue with some of the sprays not being registered. We are still looking into that one.

Thanks for all your helpful feedback. I’ll keep you posted!


Hi @Katherine @dcm.leeds @ridgewaysarah @grannysue269 @freya.coxx @hightopsuk

Just wanted to tag you here to check whether the issues with spray count that you had reported have now been resolved :blush:

Super grateful for your patience with us, and please don’t hesitate to reach out for any reason! x

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Hello Alex

Everything is fine now. Thanks.



The last three days the app has recorded the spray count correctly, before that the app was recording more sprays than actually used. Fingers crossed it will continue to do so….


Hi Alex, yes spray count behaving itself now thanks.