Ashwa pod #1 yellow

I find im significantly more agitated and restless than last few weeks using #3 Red…
Not sure if its because i have a lot going on out of my control or this blend is for a different set of emotional states etc?
How’s everyone else’s pioneering going so far ?


Hi @PocketminxUK, sorry to hear that you’re been feeling more agitated as of late. If it’s helpful, the formulation strengths of ashwagandha in each plant capsule is exactly the same with the only difference being the extracts used for flavouring - and in this case cardamom has been used for n.03 (red).

Please feel free to pause spraying for a few days, or lower the number of sprays should you wish to test whether or not this experience subsides :pray:


Good Morning

I think its most likely too much life stuff going on right now.

I saw someone was trying 2 sprays three times a day, i think I’ll try that.
i notice only 3 sprays have recorded last few days so maybe ive forgotten to correctly dose too?:thinking:

I did, ever so elegantly, wake myself drooling on my pillow lol #cringe