Spray 1 vs spray 3 and sleep

Seems like the first pod comparing it to pod 3 seems like my sleep was much better with first pod. Fell asleep quicker with the first pod. :zzz:


I have had better sleep with the third and not so great with the first


It’s great to hear from you both @Junker02 and @Bdavis … assuming you are on the Ashwa program? :pray:


Im using the sprays just to spray not edible


Cool so you’re on the functional fragrance program rather than the medicinal plants (say Ashwaganda)? Your capsules are white and they say focus on them then … so this is anew formulation tech we are testing - up to this moment we had only been working with medicinal plants for which there is a huge amount of science on how they impact different pathways of sleeplessness and anxiety … so in a way the trials aren’t so much about showing that ashwagandha or valerian work - we already know … the question is do they work for me or you specifically and how much … and if one plant doesn’t does another? The functional fragrance program is our first study to use the sofi platform to deliver something other than a medic Ila plant formulation … this technology has been developed and scientifically tested but never in the real world. And the specific emotion or state that it is designed to help with us focus (we have plans to test a few other ones if this does deliver)! I have been doing both to be honest … been taking Ashwa mostly during the day smaller doses throughout and then I am also spraying the functional fragrances … I am on my third bottle … the first two were amazing for me … I noticed I relied a bit less on caffeine and Nespresso which is good!! The last capsule not so much … the three formulations in focus are fully different because the effect or uplift is designed to be much faster (instantaneous rather than our power plants which nudge us say over ten days) … so will be interesting to see if you feel different with different capsules … and if one does have an effect that may give you improved computational processing and focus! Let me know how you get on and hope you have an awesome weekend @Bdavis :pray:


Hi im new pods ? How does one get them ?

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Hi how do you get hold of a pod ?

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Oh wow i also did not know about the others but i did immediately notice a difference in all if them and found the stronger/ longer the fragrance lasted the more i was calmly breathing it in and that seemed to make me feel more focused. Ty have a good weekend too.


I can’t wait to try the other two seeing I’m still on the first one.


I’m hoping my third one is better than the second